Khamsys is a Higher Education Center with excellent learning facilities and personnel to support learning engagements and research. The center provide academic programs such as associate degrees (advanced diploma) and executive education courses. The center also serves as a campus for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs in collaborations with the world Class University of Arizona. Khamsys is the location for the University of Arizona Global Campus in The Gambia. Prospective students can pursue a diversity of high quality undergraduate and graduate programs (Masters and PhD) with University of Arizona at Khamsys in The Gambia.
Khamsys is a regional center of excellence for academic and research collaborations with Universities, Research Institutions, Civil Society Organization, Private Companies, Government and Startups. Khamsys is also a hub for professional learning and knowledge exchanges. Amongst Khamsys activities includes services around emerging technologies and strategic innovations. Khamsys provides students with authentic learning experiences and meaningful professional connections.
Through partnerships with individuals, Institutions and businesses, Khamsys connects what is being taught in the classroom and what occurs in the workplace. Professional experiences are aligned with student's interests, talents, and passions, and students discover first-hand the relevancy of what they are learning in the classroom and how that applies to their career opportunities.


The first choice for innovative, experiential learning for life.

Our Vision

To foster sustainable employment for youths in The Gambia and across Africa while creating sustainable retail and technology based businesses.

Our Mission

To consistently discover, develop and deploy talents to markets with businesses; and providing employment opportunities for youth with skills derived from our programs, while delivering the ideas and strategies they need to break barriers and conquer markets.

Our Values

  1. Student success: we create an accessible environment where students build the skills, develop the attributes and gain the experience in the classroom, industry and community needed for success now and in the future.
  2. Excellence: We are committed to the highest educational quality, student support, and operations that are agile, innovative and relevant.
  3. Diversity: We acknowledge and respect differences in each other and are committed to maintaining an accessible environment that is inclusive of all.

Khamsys approval and accreditation

Khamsys as an Institute meets all standards and requirement, willing to comply with the rules and regulation of the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority to conduct its own local exam and issue the appropriate certificates and diplomas in the field registered and accredited. Khamsys Technologies Ltd. have been accredited in Business Administration & Management, Banking & Finance, Accounting and Information Technology.

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